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Our Story

Fifteen years ago when we started thinking about launching our web design and hosting business we considered taking the big-dollar, high-tech, fast-paced route to capitalize on the explosive growth of the Internet. We considered all the options open to us. We studied the market, devised a business plan and looked at all the great potential. We saw a rich and prosperous future. We were excited.

But then we studied that business plan again, looked closer at what would be required to make it successful, considered all the effort and hours we would have to devote to that big fancy web business and decided there just might not be enough time left for hunting and fishing and camping and enjoying the great outdoors. So we went back to the drawing boards.

We tore up our fancy business plans, tossed all the research and decided to do something that the experts might not consider the wisest move, but something that would let us chase our Internet dream and not give up our passion. We started a simple, affordable and manageable web company dedicated to the small businesses and organizations who share our passion for the outdoors.

We built our business on the principal that small businesses have limited resources and small business men and women have limited time. We decided from day one to make personal service the backbone of our business. We knew from the start that our customers would have little time or inclination to learn how to use fancy websites, so we made it simple. We understand the outdoor business, so we do the website stuff and let them focus on selling, servicing and supporting the hunters and fishermen who make their businesses possible.

And, as they say, the rest is history. The boom came and went and many of those high-flying companies crashed as quickly as they launched. Our company, on the other hand, has grown steadily year after year to become the nation's leading provider of Internet services to the outdoor industry. We're proud of the route we've taken, we're humbled by the support of the many customers who have made our business successful and we still have time to hunt and fish and go camping with our children.

Could it get any better?

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